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Having a baby made me totally forget about the Shoot & Share Photo Contest. The results came in March I think, so I am a couple of months late, but thats how things go with a newborn in the house ;)

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest is a very large photography contest for photographers all around the world. There are 25 different categories were you can enter photos, and the competition is completely free, and the voting is done by you and me. Everyone gets to vote. If you are interested you can read more here:

This year 583,150 photos were submitted in the 25 categories, and I am so happy that two of my images ended up as Top 100 in the maternity category were a total of 21,688 images were submitted. Thanks to everyone how voted for me, it really means a lot!

Place 61 out of 21,688 images submitted.

Placed 85 out of 21,688 images submitted.


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