The Birth Story of Brage | Born Wild Photography

Birth is powerful and beautiful.

Birth is empowering.

It was early morning when I got a text from mum saying that she's been having irregular contractions the last 24 hours, and she thought this might be the day we had all been waiting for. Since the contractions were still irregular, they were still at home.

Less than a hour later, I got a new text from mum telling me that they were heading for the hospital soon. The contractions had suddenly become closer together, and more intense. So my husband (thank you for your support, always!) fixed me some sandwiches and coffee and 5 minutes later I was in the car driving to the hospital. I must admit I was a bit worried during the 2 hour drive. A lot can happen in a couple of hours, especially when it is not the first child. However, time was on my side this time and when I arrived at the hospital the baby was still inside.

About four hours after I arrived at the hospital a beautiful and healthy baby boy was born. I was so impressed by the mum working through her contractions with such calmness and determination, with the support from her husband. And the midwifes were absolutely fantastic. They were very supportive, carrying and attentive. They let mum have her space, but was still close by to give her guidance when needed. It truly was a very beautiful and empowering birth to witness, and I am so grateful that I got to be there and capture it all.

This time I did not only photograph, but I also recorded some video. You can see the video at the bottom.

Thank you so much to the parents for letting me share these images with you!

Lots of love Maria

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