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Oppdatert: 19. aug. 2019

Just like last year, on our wedding day June the 24th, we put on our wedding clothes and documented our life and love at the exact moment.

These images are not about capturing just "another beautiful image". These images are about making time for us, about celebrating our love, our life, even when things are hard and exhausting. It is about celebrating life, about living, right now, right here. It is about making memories.

When I look at the images from last year, I am right away taken back to that time (you can find them here). I was pregnant with our daughter and I was just so exhausted and tired and nausea was getting the best of me. My hair is short, because on sleep-deprived night that never seemed to end, I stood up and cut my hair. And (fun fact), my dress was at my parents house, so I just wrapped a sheet around my body and that had to do :)

This year we were both tired and exhausted. The kids fell asleep late, the sun was long gone and we thought, do we really have the energy to do this? But luckily my husband insisted. We haven't brushed our hair, I have no makeup on and my bags under my eyes are more visible than ever. But we did it, we made room for us, and therefore I absolutely love them. And I know, we will treasure them both in the years to come.

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