Ekte og naturlig familiefotografering | Oslo, Elverum, Hamar | Born Wild Photography

Get in the frame with your kids and family! I know how easy it is to wait and come up with all these excuses. Wait to you feel more rested, or when you have lost a few pounds, or when you have been to the hairdresser, or when you feel a little happier. But guess what? This moment in your life is not coming back. Yes, it might not be perfect, but there is so much more beauty in the imperfect moments in life.

This is us right now. To small children full of life and energy that does not want to sit still. Faces full of blueberries. Me, in my unwashed hair, face without makeup and dark circles around mye eyes. But guess what, I love these images because they capture this chapter in our life. The chaos and the love.

Ønsker du en avslappet og naturlig familiefotografering som fanger deg og din familie akkurat som dere er? Ta kontakt for en uforpliktende prat på hello@bornwildphotography.no. Jeg tar oppdrag i Oslo, Elverum, Hamar og omegn.

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